Stars + Ravens is a women's clothing line designed by Sarah Borruso. As a native San Franciscan, Sarah has
created the line taking inspiration from San Francisco history and culture – including such incidents as the
1906 earthquake, the late 60s Summer of Love and the early 80s punk scene. The name, Stars + Ravens, reflects
contrasts, just as these episodes did: disaster and rebirth, violence and peace, angst and expression. The line
itself plays with such contrasts – light and dark, old and new, understated and outspoken – defining an overall
aesthetic that mixes visions of the past and the future.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of California at Berkeley, Sarah spent time working
in the art and journalism worlds before returning to school to study fashion at Parsons School of Design. She
owes a large debt to the incredible influence that came from working at such places as the San Francisco Museum
of Modern Art and Wired magazine, to name a few. She currently lives and works, of course, in San Francisco.

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For individual or wholesale orders, please contact info@starsandravens.com or call 415.699.1917.
Appointments available upon request.


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Collection 2
Left to right: 13. Razor Cut Variations Dress (silk chiffon and silk charmeuse); 20b. Light Nouveau Directions Dress
(silk charmeuse); 24. Turn of a New Century Cape (wool cashmere) worn over Light Nouveau Directions Dress;
12. The Light and The Dark Dress (hand painted silk charmeuse and silk chiffon); 20. Dark Nouveau Directions
Dress (stretch silk georgette); 23b. Cape of Intersecting Lines (wool camel hair and silk charmeuse) worn over Dark
Nouveau Directions Dress; 17. Razor Cut Variations Dress (silk charmeuse); 21. (close-up) End of the Century Blouse
(shredded silk charmeuse) 21. End of the Century Blouse and Side Folding Skirt (silk charmeuse); 15. Streaked
Variations Dress (hand painted silk charmeuse); 23. Cape of Intersecting Lines (wool cashmere and crepe de chine)
worn over Streaked Variations Dress; 11. (close-up) Lines and Angles Blouse (hand painted silk charmeuse);
11. Lines and Angles Blouse and Side Folding Skirt; 16. Razor Cut Variations Dress (silk charmeuse); 18. Asymmetric
Folding Dress (hand painted silk charmeuse); 24. Turn of a New Century Cape (wool cashmere) worn over
Asymmetric Folding Dress.

Photographer: Lauren Stocker; Producer: Josie P. Ramondetta; Model: Jillian Lieber;
Hair + Makeup: France Pierson.

Collection 1
Left to right: 1. M. Vitti Dress (Japanese nylon); 2. Unfolding Dress (cotton jersey); 3. East Meets West Cape
(cashmere/wool and silk charmeuse) worn over Unfolding Dress; 4. Wrapped and Tied Halter Dress (stretch silk
charmeuse); 5. La Notte Shrug (wool and silk charmeuse) worn over Wrapped and Tied Halter Dress; 6. Tie and
Untie Dress (stretch silk georgette); 6b. Tie and Untie Dress, back view; 7. Unfolding Dress (stretch silk charmeuse);
7b. Unfolding Dress, side view; 8. Noir Flashback Dress (stretch silk georgette); 8b. Noir Flashback Dress, back view;
9. M. Vitti Blouse and Skirt (Japanese nylon); 9b. M. Vitti Dress, back view; 10. East Meets West Cape (wool and silk
charmeuse) worn over M. Vitti Dress; 11. Noir Fiction Blouse (stretch silk georgette).

Photographer: Lauren Stocker; Model: Robin Ayers; Hair: Mai Ling Meyers; Makeup: Veronica Sjoen;
Stylist: Carrie Vawter.




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